Yes, that is right – trees have a natural defense system much like we have one. And just like our immune system helps us fight back against the disease, similarly, a tree’s natural defense system helps it fight back against diseases as well. A tree’s natural defense system also helps it fight back against fungal infections, pest infestations and other environmental factors like droughts and floods, which put a lot of stress on the tree.

However, even though trees have this natural defense system, they still die out if environmental conditions become too extreme or if natural disasters like droughts and floods persist for far too long periods of time. Besides tree trimming, there are some other methods to consider. 

Potassium phosphite

So, the question now becomes – can we boost a tree’s natural defenses in some way or the other? As it turns out – yes, we can. How? Well, have you ever heard of potassium phosphite? If not – don’t worry, it is just a simple chemical compound that can help make a tree more resistant against many infections and infestations alike. The chemical can also help make the tree more tolerant of any environmental stress from natural disasters like drought and floods.

Administering potassium phosphite treatment

Now, potassium phosphite treatment can be administered in many ways. For starters, potassium phosphite can simply be sprayed on the leaves (or the bark) of a tree or it can be injected into the soil from where it will get absorbed into the roots of the tree.

More benefits of the treatment

Potassium phosphite treatments are becoming more and more well known in the arboriculture circles because of how well they work to boost the natural defense mechanisms of a tree. But, that is not all. Potassium phosphite treatments also enhance the production of natural plant defense hormones in the tree. The tree starts to produce more antibodies as well. Advanced plant processes like programmed cell death which can help limit the spread of a pathogen are improved as well.

Should you consider potassium phosphite treatment for your tree?

Maybe… if you answer yes to one or more of the following:

  • Is your tree infected with any soil-borne diseases like Phytophthora root disease or Armillaria root rot?
  • Are there any bleeding cankers on the trunk of your tree?
  • Do you want to improve your tree’s natural defenses against any pathogens?
  • Do you just want the other benefits of a potassium phosphite treatment?
  • Do you want to prepare your tree for drought and flood conditions?